Welcome Radio 4AY Old Timers

4AY Townsville, QLD Australia

… through the ’50’s to the 80’s there are many who have contributed their talents to the success of the station. This Blog is a tribute to all and an era of great broadcasting …”

Flinders Street, Townsville, QLD, Australia and the city’s famous landmark, Castle Hill in 1967

In the hallowed studios of the station, careers have been launched with many looking back knowing that they were the ‘golden-oldie’ days when radio and the station was king.

Fact that change is always a constant in our lives and the station as it was no longer exists is cause for reflection and thanks that we were all part of a great era in broadcasting.

The station grew from humble beginnings in Ayr, a small town south of Townsville – hence the call-sign ‘4AY’ as the ‘Voice of the Canefields’ later becoming the ‘Voice of the North’. Based in Townsville while retaining studios in Ayr, the station became part of the community with an audience covering a vast area of the state and Great Barrier Reef islands. In fact the station became the only commercial radio station providing a service to another country, namely Papua New Guinea.

Such was the impact left by the station when it finally closed that the call-sign of 4AY has been given new life and serves the Innisfail region on AM 873 as a member of NQ Radio’s stable of stations.

What’s on the following pages are recollections of those past days. Importantly though, this is a work in progress and if you are one, or know someone who worked at the station and who would like to contribute, join us for the conversation …

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